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A little comm dedicated to Hyunseung and Yoseob's bromance

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Hyunseob is REAL #48
Hyunseob is real.
audiob2st wrote in hyunseobaday

cr: yohyung [Thank you for gracing the interwebs with this glorious gif!! You've made many BEAST and Hyunseob fans super happy ^^ ♥]

On the heels of the last post... Apparently Yoseob doesn't like it when anyone else holds hands with Prince Jang (Poor Kiki. lol.). Man, I can stare at this gif all day. Yoseob looks so happy and content swinging his hands back and forth with Hyunseung ♥♥♥ They're so cute *____*

By the way, I don't know who to credit for this awesome gif! If it's yours, please let me know so that I shower you with flowers and unicorns :D Thanks to yayhooraywoohoo for the heads-up!!

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This is so beautiful!!! I can stare at it forever!!! They look so comfortable holding hand, and the way they swing their hand, and Yoseob's being so cute like a kid!!! I CAN'T EVEN!!!


lol. You too? I had this gif running in another window for a really long time before I finally closed it! It's just so cute ♥♥♥ I agree with you. They look just like little kids! They're holding hands like preschoolers ^^

I love that Hyunseob do bromantic things like this and they probably don't even realize how many people fangirl (and fanboy) over it! When idols do the "bromance" thing, it can sometimes look really fake or forced. When I see Hyunseung and Yoseob holding hands or whispering to each other, I can tell that they act that way around each other in real life. Holding hands is probably like a natural thing to them and they don't seem to think about it or how it might look to others. They probably don't even realize how adorable it appears to the fans XD

When there's rumor about HyunSeob's awkwardness, I wasn't shipping them so I thought it's true fact. But once I started to stalk them, I found out they're pretty close and comfortable around each other. And when I watched the fancam HyunSeung ask Yoseob how to use his phone, I was like 'I'd slap anyone who says that they're awkward toward each other!' LOL

That's why though I shipped DooSeob and JunSeob first but my first fic about BEAST was HyunSeob. They're really adorable, I wish they will stay each other's side more often so that we can have more HyunSeob pics ha ha

Thanks so much for letting me know ♥♥♥ I'll edit my post now so that I can give her credit :D I'll have to check out her tumblr from now on because that Hyunseob gif that she made is amazing *_____*

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