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Hyunseob is REAL #37
Hyunseob is real.
audiob2st wrote in hyunseobaday

Not a good relationship between Yang Yoseob and Jang Hyunseung?

[Oh Narea Reporter] Attentions are turned towards BEAST’s Yang Yoseob and Jang Hyunseung as it has been revealed that their relationship isn’t good.

BEAST members had a conference with the a doctor that looks into the relationship issues on the program ‘Idol Maid’, and it has been concluded that Jang Hyunseung doesn’t match well relationship wise with Yang Yoseob.

The consultant had commented that Yang Yoseob and Jang Hyunseung have “a relationship that doesn’t match well” and that this didn’t mean they were going to fight often, however if they did end up fighting, it can leave devastating scar to them.

To this, the members stated that this seemed correct and that these two people use the beds farthest away from each other in the bedroom, supporting his claims.

In addition, the maknae, Dongwoon, had been chosen as the person who has the best relationship with everyone equally.

It had also been revealed that the six members of BEAST consist of some members with strong tendencies and others with weak tendencies so that the stronger members should be careful when dealing with the weaker members because it the weaker members can easily be hurt.

Meanwhile, Yang Yoseob had even asked questions to when he would be able to get a girlfriend because he is in his early 20s.

The results to the consultation between the BEAST members will be broadcasted on ‘Idol Maid’ in September 15th at 6PM KST on the MBC every1 channel.


★ Noooooooo!!! Say it ain't so ;___; How can this be?! I know that the show is scripted, so I'm hoping that this whole thing is being exaggerated for effect. Before people start thinking that Hyunseob needs to go on Intimate Note, I just wanted to make a few points...

First, if you read the article carefully, the relationship consultant seems to be saying that Hyunseob have personalities that usually don't mesh very well. From interviews and TV shows, I get the feeling that both Hyunseung and Yoseob are the strong-willed and extremely stubborn type. The two of them are friends, but if they ever wind up fighting or disagreeing over something, then what they do or say in that fight could harm their relationship. Since they're both really pig-headed, neither one of them would want to back down, so that could lead to those "scars" mentioned in the article. What I think this means is that it takes longer for these two to make up after a disagreement because their personalities get in the way.

By all means, this doesn't mean that they aren't friends now, or that they don't care about each other. Hyunseung was friends with Yoseob before he even met the other BEAST members. In fact, Yoseob brought him over to CUBE. They've been friends for quite a long time, so I think that they have a very strong bond with one another. One way to think about it is to take a look at the relationship you might have with a sibling. He or she could be your polar opposite in terms of personality and the two of you might get into some pretty epic fights, but that doesn't mean that you hate each other or aren't friends with one another. It just means that you sometimes clash because of your personalities. Additionally, it's not something that can't be overcome with time. The boys live in really close quarters, so even if Hyunseob might get on each others' nerves from time to time, they have no choice but to overcome their differences and make up! haha. After all, Hyunseob is too fabulous to not be real.

Anyway, this episode of Idol Maid is airing tomorrow, so I can't wait to see what the heck this relationship consultant is talking about D: In the meantime, I feel more motivated to update this journal on a more consistent basis now ^^!

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i can't believe it also.
Even just a few days ag at the Idol Sport competition, they were close, playes and danced together.

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