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Hyunseob is REAL #51
Hyunseob is real.
audiob2st wrote in hyunseobaday

[FANCAM] #207 HyunSeob @ Welcome Back to BEAST Airline 110218-19

Credit: ShepHerdboy for the vid | myBEASTyboysX for uploading to YT

(o゚▽゚)o More of Hyunseob holding hands! If you find that sort of thing boring, then you might want to skip the next few entries, because I'm completely fixated on this aspect of their bromance. lol. It's not the hand-holding that gets me in this clip, it's the fact that they're swinging their hands back and forth! How cute are they???? ♥♥♥ Keep in mind that both Hyunseung and Yoseob are over 20. haha.

I don't want to psychoanalyze this, but I have to say that there's a real innocence and sweetness about their friendship. Holding hands and whispering in the ear of your friends...that's the sort of thing that I did when I was a little kid. At some point, I couldn't do it anymore because society in the form of parents, teachers, and TV said that being that affectionate in public was embarrassing after a certain age. I envy Hyunseob for being so cool with it! They interact and are affectionate with one another more than some of the siblings I know in real life...

I really think that Hyunseob could teach us all a thing or two about friendship and publicly showing someone just how much you care for them ♥

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I don't know what to say. They're just so damn cute and perfect!!!!


new member here and i love all your posts in this community !! Made me wanna watch all their clips all over again !!!!! And i love all your posts in your personal account too ^^ I think I'm just happy to know someone liking Hyunseob and liking Hyunseung..and liking B2ST !!!!

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